About Us

Automation Systems Pte Ltd , established in 1993, has the pioneering advantage in employing non – conventional high – tech CAD – CAM material machining processes such as Abrasive Waterjet Cutting, Laser cutting,  High Frequency Vertical Milling and the related with specialty in the ultra – high pressure abrasive waterjet shaping on almost any solid materials of flat and contoured surfaces.

Apart from its distinctive template construction service provided to its customers, Automation Systems has ventured into a new field of green – blasting , once again trend – setting the industry.

Breaking new frontiers, Automation Systems has added 5 – axis cutting and rotary tube cutting using the abrasive waterjet advanced technology,  the preferred cold cutting  process as well as expa nding the ability to process 2m x 6m materials with tilt compensation for cutting thicker materials.

Our experience and expertise coupled with the advancement in the abrasive waterjet cutting technology has enabled us to develop special technique to crea te 3D etching on stone ( for art mould making ) , a truly exciting innovative feature.